1. ((and then I realized that there are way too many things happening in meatspace right now and I need to take a little bit of a break from running a bunch of RP blogs, so I’m gonna put Hannah in a hospital for a bit…yay mental breakdowns [a little meta] and just run Kristof for now.))

  2. Locks himself in his room and has panic attacks for the rest of the day.

  3. Yer the new Demo, yeah?

    "I, uh, yeah, I am. Uh, Hannah. N-nice to meet y-ya." 

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    Ah, good then, they didn’t have him…yet “A-alright. Sorry…jus’, uh, j-jus’ used ta some places not really likin’ what I do an’ all that.”

    Red didn’t have any Demos? That was a bit interesting. “R-really? Huh, I’ll, uh, I’ll do my best to g-give us an, uh, an edge then.”

    "Man, Hannah! Loosen up a bit. We enjoy what everyone does! Promise we won’t bite." He leans over, a hand cupping over his mouth as he grins. "Er, maybe a few of them. I mean, we got some folks mixed with crocs and wolves. They might a little, if ya provoke them. Overall, they’re a nice bunch."

    Rick squeezes his shoulder and waves a hand around. Gotta entertain the guy, after all. “I’m sure you’ll do alright! Everyone on this team helps everyone else against those REDs, after all.”

    "I, uh, I met P-Patches earlier…she seemed nice."

    The physical contact immediately makes the man seize up, but he forces himself to relax a little. There’d be time for a panic attack later. “Y-yeah, should be a g-g-good time on the field.”

  5. Attention Mercenaries: New BLU Demo!




    "Yeah, I guess not. We ain’t exactly the army, though. Maybe they’re finally decidin’ ta treat us bettah." She chuckles a bit, shaking her head. "Nevah really had a room of my own back home, had too many sistahs for that."

    "Sisters? How many ya got? I w-was an only child."  He always found the thought of having a brother or sister enchanting, though in the back of his mind he knew it was probably hell.

    "Heh, a lot. Try seven.” Lottie wrinkles her nose and chuckles. “It was always a packed house, nevah really quiet. Guess that’s part of th’ reason livin’ in th’ bases nevah really bothered me too much.”

    That sounded almost peaceful to him, a lot like his ‘brothers’ in the army. “I-I always liked the noise an’ all that. Wasn’t that nice at th’ last base, nobody go-got along.”

    He shrugged a little and folded his arms, fidgeting nervously, “Uh, w-wanna, uh, I mean c-could you, uh, show me where the, uh, the mess is? I’m a b-bit, uh, bit hungry. T-tell me more ‘bout your f-f-family, though. I’m, uh, interested.”

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    "Yer th’ new demo, right?"

    "Y-yeah. Jus’ got here a few days ago. I’m, uh, I’m H-Hannah."

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    He looked down at her, giving a small smile in return of her laugh, “Th-thanks. I’m, uh, Hannah. N-nice to meet you.”

    "Oh, hello, Hannah!" she waved and smiled up at him warmly. "No need to be shy, or anything! The only time I fight is of course, during battle. Anyway, my name is Lee! How is your stay so far?"

    He nods to her, attempting to return the smile. “Th-thanks, ma’am. I, uh, I’m enjoyin’ m’self. Uh, everyone h-here is real n-nice.”

  8. -squints-


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  10. donny-american-dragon said: lol it was basically just “send me this thing and I’ll do a voice post as my oc”

    ((Ah, alright. That’s good cause I’ve got no idea what I’d do for Hannah’s voice.))

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